Walkinshaw Performance WP230 Supercharger
Walkinshaw Performance WP230 Supercharger
Walkinshaw Performance WP230 Supercharger

Walkinshaw Performance Driveline Warranty - Supercharger

(a) This warranty (“Warranty”) applies to the Components of the Vehicle in which the WP230 Supercharger was installed, such Vehicle, Components and WP230 Supercharger which were purchased by the Customer on the contract start date specified in the [Customer Contract/Declaration] (“Contract Date”), either directly from WP or from a WP licensed installer (being, the installer described on the Customer Contract/Declaration).

(b) This Warranty is provided by WP, and accepted by the Customer, for valuable consideration, including the payment/s made by the Customer to WP or the WP licensed installer on or about the Contract Date.

(c) In this Warranty, the following terms have the meaning given to them:

(i) “Components” means the driveline of the Vehicle (being the group of components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface), and exhaustively includes the following parts and items only:

(A) engine block, crankshaft, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft bearings, cylinders, wristpins, camshaft, connecting rods, internal bushings, balance shaft and bearings, cylinder head, head gaskets, valves, valve seats, valve springs, and lifters;

(B) gearbox/transmission/drive shafts, internal lubricated parts of both manual and automatic transmissions, prop shaft and axle shafts; and

(C) differential internal lubricated parts;

For a vehicle to be eligible for the driveline warranty it must still be under the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.

The Walkinshaw Performance Driveline Warranty covers any failures of or damage to the components which directly result, under normal use and service, from the installation, operation or performance of the WP230 Supercharger.

The coverage and term of this Warranty begins on the Fitment Date and ends on the earlier to occur of:

(i) The 36 month anniversary of the date that the Vehicle is first registered with the applicable government motor vehicle authority (“Registration Date”); and/or

(ii) The date that the Vehicle has travelled 100,000kms after the Registration Date.

This Warranty is fully transferrable, and continues for the benefit of all subsequent owners of the Vehicle until the end of the term described above:

(a) Subject always to the terms of this Warranty and the Customer’s compliance with same (and compliance by any subsequent owner of the Vehicle); and

(b) provided that the Customer and each subsequent owner notifies WP of the sale or transfer of the Vehicle within 14 days of such sale or transfer (notice to be in the form of WP’s standard “Transfer of Ownership” form).

This Warranty is included in the fitted price of WP230 Supercharger.

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