Walkinshaw Z-3 High Performance GPS Tracker

High performance GPS tracking from Walkinshaw Performance and Black Knight provides the ultimate theft protection.

You love it, so track it. Global leaders in covert tracking technology, Black Knight® design and innovative miniature GPS devices that are simple, powerful and able to be hidden almost anywhere. Track in real time, view playback data, set anti-theft alerts and more. With Black Knight® you’ll always know where your Walkinshaw Performance investment is.

Walkinshaw Z-3 High Performance GPS Tracker

Unsurpassed Tracking Performance

  • Free Black Knight® app (Android, iOS)
  • Real-time tracking via phone, tablet or web
  • Precision accuracy (up to 5 metres)
  • 15-second position updates via GSM/GPRS
  • 12 months’ travel playback history
  • No data usage limits
  • Professional fleet management tools

Intelligent Alerts

  • Geofence – virtual alarm fence around your vehicle
  • Mains Power Disconnect – know when your tracker is removed
  • Speed Limit – know when you exceed a speed limit
  • Travel Distance / Travel Hours

Instant Connectivity

  • Quick registration via www.bk-gts.com
  • Low-cost connectivity subscription
  • Monthly - $12.99, yearly - $142.89 (1 month free), 2 years - $272.79 (3 months free), 3 years - $389.70 (6 months free)
  • Instant global roaming (conditions apply)

Unique Features

  • Compact size (69 x 35 x 12mm)
  • High-performance antenna for flexible covert stowing options and robust GPS/GPRS receiving/transmission
  • Simple connector cable options - hardwire, blade fuse or OBDII
  • 5V USB cable for pre-charging and charging on the go
  • No buttons (simply disconnect for 10 seconds for reboot)
  • High-strength locking dual-pin input
  • 3 discreet LED indicators (power, GPS and GSM/GPRS)

Black Knight $500 Theft Warranty (Australia/NZ customers only)

If after the purchase, installation and activation by an authorised dealer, your Black Knight-protected vehicle is stolen and not recovered, and a theft claim is accepted by your insurance company, Black Knight will pay you $500. (Conditions apply)

Bonus Ghost® Labels, by NanoTag

Every Black Knight pack contains a bonus set of 20 Ghost® Labels, the simplest way to protect home/office assets with high-security NanoTags. Together with microscopic Nano- Tags, each set of labels has a unique 6-digit code – your DNA “fingerprint” to help police identify stolen assets that are yours. Your Ghost® code is automatically connected to your Black Knight profile, so no additional registration is required!

Start tracking today

  • 1. Enquire below to purchase your Black Knight from an Authorised Walkinshaw Performance Agent
  • 2. Register/Activate via the Black Knight website
  • 3. Choose a low-cost connectivity subscription, paid by card
  • 4. Sign in to commence tracking
  • 5. www.bk-gts.com | +61 1300 302 199

Technical Specifications

Power input

  • DC 5V-45V (BK dual pin)


  • Geofence
  • Disconnect from mains power
  • Speed limit breach
  • Travel distance, travel hours

Internal battery

  • Type: Li-ion Polymer Battery
  • Max capacity/life: 120mAh/2-3 hours

Power draw

  • When making initial connection: 30-100mA
  • When connected/active: 25-35mA

Connection (‘ping’) rate

  • Connected/active (connected to mains power): every 15 seconds
  • Immediately following disconnection from mains power: every 15 seconds
  • 5 minutes following disconnection from mains power: every 5 minutes

Reboot function

Disconnect from mains power for 10 seconds.

GSM/GPRS signal strength

(GSM sensitivity -107dBm, GPS CN Value 46)

GSM/GPRS operating frequency range

GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/ PCS1900

Recommended storage temperature range

-30 to 80 °C (-22 to 176 °F)

Recommended operating temperature range

-20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158 °F)

Crystal frequency


Highest operating frequency

104MHz (Baseband chip)


  • Frequency: 824~894MHz / 880~960MHz / 1710~1880MHz / 1850~1990MHz
  • Gain: -2dBi ±0.5dBi

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